Your Needs Change. Our Devices Change With You.

Smart Scalability – RICOH Always-Current Technology

As you change and grow, workplace challenges do too – making it possible for devices to become obsolete before their end of life. RICOH Intelligent Devices with Always Current Technology bring you scalability, so you can empower employees to work faster, smarter and more securely.

Keep Devices Up-to-Date Automatically

RICOH technology improves over time. That means you can meet changing workplace challenges. Automatic security and service updates keep you up to date with the latest versions, so are continually protected and can avoid downtime.

More Capability is Just a Download Away

Activate desired features and download applications and upgrades as you need them. There’s no need to call a technician or wait until the end of a contract to gain more features. Our Intelligent Devices can be enhanced in the field, so you get immediate access to the latest features and even free productivity apps.

Empower Employee Productivity

RICOH Always Current Technology empowers your employees to work faster, smarter and more securely. Equip devices to meet your specific needs, activate print and digital document software solutions and connect to cloud services.

Boost Your Digital Productivity

Our RICOH Intelligent Devices come with Smart Integration to RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions, which can eliminate data entry and unnecessary steps. RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions packages are available by subscription.

Work Smarter

Send data directly into internal systems or popular cloud accounts and third-party apps — such as SharePoint®, OneDrive® for Business, Google Drive™, Dropbox™ and Box™.

Free Up Your Staff

Take advantage of cloud workflows that reduce manual data entry and improve speed. These tasks can be avoided when files are made system-ready automatically. Achieve productivity by automating tedious steps and carrying them out behind the scenes.

Automate Paper to Digital Processes

Sometimes workflows involve several steps or multiple destinations. You can automate this type of process with a RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions package. Scan a file into readable text with OCR and send it directly into multiple popular cloud accounts in a single process.

“Scanning to Office 365 is fantastic. Our staff is amazed. It’s saving us time and it so easy and intuitive to use.”

RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions Customer

Working with SaraMana

Having a successful business requires more than just good people, you need the trusted equipment that can handle everything that comes your way. Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your office equipment and machines for a more efficient workplace.

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