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Our Technology Service & Integration Department offers the best service and support on the west coast of Florida – and at very competitive rates. To accomplish this, we continually invest in the best tools technology has to offer, send our technical force to continuing education courses and have every technician do extensive “in-shop” training to keep ahead of market and industry changes.

Customer Support Outline

Your ongoing satisfaction is our goal. Our programs include quarterly account reviews, where we  look for peaks and valleys in copy/print/fax/scan volumes, excessive services calls, technicians’ performance, first-time fix rates and track monthly volumes. This process serves as a quarterly report card of our performance and your costs to ensure you are getting the service and support you deserve.

  • Pro-active service programs include scheduled preventative maintenance visits
  • These consist of a thorough cleaning, factory adjustments and the replacement of all parts in that individual PM-Kit.
  • We employ factory-trained technicians with decades of experience.
  • Our “3-in-30” policy ensures quality at every step.
    • If we receive 3 service calls on a system in 30 days, a report is generated and reviewed by our Vice President, Sales Manager, Service Manager & account representative. From there an action plan is developed and implemented.

SaraMana Business Products Technology Integration Services

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